Disarming but no less defiant in their use of time- honored techniques, the works reproduced on these pages extend the life and reach of a show installed in the Gallery at the University of Memphis from June 24 through August 19, 2000. Their attitude would have tickled the woman who had the nerve to orchestrate this exhibition, A Concert of Spirited Threads, before the artists were seated. For one thing, Patricia R. Cline, a passionate quilter whose hands rested only when cystic fibrosis ended her life at age 53, would have seen here a spirit akin to her own disobedient tendencies: her rage for truth-telling, her stubborn refusal to honor divisive boundaries, and her heresy of acknowledging that the personal and the political are in reality cut from the very same cloth. Cline would have been gratified, too, that this body of work, with her own as the centerpiece, validates the faith she had that her art would win new friends after her death.